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Version 1 software license optimisation services delivers market leading enterprise application License consultancy services to help our clients gain control over their license estate and retain control on-going.

Received an unexpected Oracle Audit Letter? Help is at hand

How do you know you’re buying Oracle Licenses at the right price?

Looking to reduce your annual Oracle License Support & Maintenance costs?

Are you getting the most out of your Oracle PoF Agreement?

How confident are you of an accurate ULA Declaration?

Need help with Microsoft software licensing?

Are you ready for a Microsoft audit?

Moving to Oracle Cloud?

Our Oracle & Microsoft license optimisation services are based on our extensive experience of client delivery and tried and tested Software Asset Management methodologies. Our team of highly experienced consultants are best placed to consult on;

  • License Assessments & Health Checks
  • License audit services
  • Management of Oracle Enterprise License Agreements including Oracle ULA services
  • License Compliance
  • Software Asset Management best practice
  • License Managed Service for Hosting Providers, SME’s and enterprise organisations
  • License Management training & education


Using over a decade of experience, our license experts can deliver substantial return on investment within this high value cost category, control costs, and solve and maintain license compliance on-going. Our independence from software vendors and focus on client outcomes ensures that we are best placed to;

  • Assess the health of your license estate and manage any license non-compliance or ‘shelf ware’ concerns
  • Reduce risk and cost by managing license compliance
  • Ensure that the often stressful vendor audit results in optimal outcomes for the client
  • Deliver expert advice when managing complex enterprise agreements such as Oracle Unlimited License agreements
  • Provide planning strategies for Oracle ULA declarations
  • Advise on on-going risk and cost management through Software Asset Management methodologies
  • Help you to understand the implications of architecture change and Cloud migration strategies on software license costs
  • Offer best practice advice and guidance for those involved the day to day management of license estates and training services around Oracle Enterprise Agreements such as Oracle ULAs


Version 1’s license optimisation team can provide the full life cycle of Oracle & Microsoft license consultancy services, ensuring our client’s enterprise application license estates are fully optimised and under control with regards to cost, license compliance and complexity.


For more information on our Oracle & Microsoft License optimisation services, please contact us at info@version1.com or fill in our contact form.

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