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Microsoft License Review and Audit Support

  • Have you invested in the necessary people, processes and tools to accurately verify your Microsoft software license position?
  • Are you accurately validating your effective Microsoft license position on a regular basis?
  • Do you purchase Microsoft software in an optimal manner that reduces costs and avoids hidden license compliance risk?
  • Were you subject to a Microsoft audit in the recent past or have you not yet received such an audit letter?

Answering no to any of the above scenarios indicates that your organisation may have unforeseen Microsoft license compliance risks and or may be overspending on Microsoft licensing.

Without the necessary resources, generating a Microsoft software license position can be complex, time consuming and may include costly inaccuracies. Our Microsoft license review and Microsoft audit readiness services eliminate the risk and complexity of completing a self-audit by working on your behalf to rapidly generate a software license position.

Our consulting team has a proven track record in the area of license position development and strive to provide the following service benefits:

  • Remove the operational impact of generating an accurate software license positon using internal resources
  • Enable proactive management of software license compliance risk
  • Improve strategic planning for the deployment of new technology including cloud migrations
  • Mitigate and optimize software procurement
  • Efficiently manage annual Microsoft true up cycle
  • Where applicable effectively navigate the Microsoft audit process

Our Microsoft license review and audit readiness services are ideally suited to organisations that wish to take a proactive approach to Microsoft license compliance and organisations seeking to optimise how they acquire Microsoft technology.

If you want to find out more about our Microsoft License Review and Audit Readiness Support services please, contact us.

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