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Software licensing is complex; a CPU is a socket or a core, or a thread, or a virtual CPU, in a server, a computer, in a place where something happens, in a virtual machine, in a cluster, at an address. A server has resilience, and is backed up by tape, is a member of a failover ring, has an active-active partnership, is disk protected, provides multi-environment services, is replicated across continents and so on. A user is named, (or concurrent, or is really a device…). A user accesses services via a pc in the office, or at home, has a tablet, a phone, works from a cafĂ©, over Citrix, is an internal and/or external use. Cloud licensing is simply a set of these variables being flexed far more dynamically towards real time utility computing.

Having said that, Cloud does pose a set of new challenges for organisations. Cloud is not as easy get out from a license perspective and it needs as much if not more consideration than on-premise and in-house. There are arguably more ‘unknowns’ and with cloud there is now another layer (at least) between you and reality (your cloud provider may sub-let platform or infrastructure from someone else) – you need to have more control, more discipline, more knowledge. Your contracts may not be sufficient in their current form to allow cloud use and unless it’s contractually stated, licensing correctly is the customer’s responsibility.


How can Version 1 help with Oracle Cloud Licensing?

  • Modelling Oracle Cloud scenarios
  • Reviewing current Oracle licensing processes and assessing whether they are fit for purpose
  • Integrating with existing SAM frameworks taking into account Cloud,
  • Advising on maximisation and flexing strategies for Cloud


By engaging with Version 1 organisations can benefit from:

  • A greater appreciation of how Oracle Cloud Licensing works
  • A better understanding of how to fully benefit from Oracle Cloud utilising proven processes or integrating into your own SAM framework
  • An assessment of the value for money being delivered by Oracle Cloud


Version 1's Oracle License experts are here to guide and inform you through your journey to Oracle Cloud. Talk to us today.

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