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Oracle Licencing FAQ's

Oracle licensing is complex and there are many, many questions on this topic.

From our experience, we anticipate some of your questions are included below and confident we can provide you with the answers.

  • Are there any opportunities to save cost within our Oracle license estate?

We can identify areas of potential cost saving and/or cost avoidance and identify how we can help with further analysis.

  • Are there any compliance risks associated with the way in which we manage our Oracle license estate?

We can provide you with a fuller understanding of the opportunities to reduce the potential for compliance risks relating to your Oracle license estate.

  • Are we under or over licensed for Oracle?

We can identify areas of potential under/over-licensing that justify further analysis.

  • Are our current Oracle license terms fit for purpose?

We can assess whether your Oracle agreements are able to support changing business needs e.g. mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, internationalisation, outsourcing, etc.

  • As Oracle is a large cost item in the budget we have a strong desire to reduce the cost in line with reduced usage and unused products.

We can assess and advise on strategies to retire licenses and/or reduce the number of licenses under support.

  • How should we manage our Oracle licenses given that we are considering the outsource of our operations?

We can assess the impact of outsourcing on your obligations under your Oracle license agreements and identify opportunities and risks relating to the management of your Oracle estate.

  • How do we make full use of the special agreements that are in place for the purchase of Oracle licenses?

We can advise you on the implications and best use of central government purchasing frameworks with Oracle.

  • We use an outsource partner/service provider to manage our Oracle license estate. How do we know if they are managing our software costs efficiently and ensuring compliance?

We can work with your outsource provider to assess against best practice the methods by which they manage your Oracle software assets for you.

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