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Received an unexpected Oracle Audit letter? Help is at hand.


Gartner’s recent report on ‘Software Vendors That Are Auditing Now and What to Do About It’ reveals that 65% of respondents reported at least one vendor audit in the previous 12 months; up from 61% the year before. As experts in Oracle License Management Services, we are engaged with large enterprise organisations on a daily basis and have also noticed an increase in clients asking for help with Oracle license audits. Why is this happening? We believe that the loss of revenue from cancelled new project spend is contributing to this trend. As costs are cut, IT budgets are being squeezed in the enterprise space and as a consequence, there are less and less large IT projects that require considerable license purchase. In an Ernst & Young Survey published in 2011, “License Compliance without Tears”, 65% of vendors surveyed agreed that “Objectives of vendors’ compliance programs is revenue generation.”


So, if the chance of getting audited by your software vendor is increasing, then you need to take action. Version 1 are perfectly placed to be able to help with;

  • A proactive approach to best practise Oracle License Management
  • Advice on how to respond when a vendor requests an audit and the next steps to prepare for
  • Vendor relationship management when under vendor audit
  • Strategies and assistance for negotiation of any Oracle license non-compliance resolution


Version 1 has worked with top global banks, several of the top energy companies and pan European utility organisations and many UK Public Sector establishments in helping them avoid unbudgeted spend, manage risk and reduce on-going costs in their Oracle license estates.


So, if you are under threat of an Oracle license audit or need help with Oracle license non-compliance resolution as a result of a vendor audit, contact us.


Alternatively read our blog entitled "The 9 Critical Steps in Planning for an Oracle License Review" for more information.



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