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Oracle License Procurement

The process of buying Oracle Licenses is not as straightforward as you would think. Considering the fact that Oracle now has many thousands of software products, add-on options and bundles, licensed under many historical and current license metrics, policies and contracts, many clients are baffled by the complexities and do not fully understand if they are buying the right licenses at the right price or the right time, for the correct purpose.


The implications of getting a large Oracle license procurement exercise wrong are considerable and could lead to material financial loss, potential license non-compliance if licenses are not deployed in the correct manner and loss of value realisation from initial business case justification.


Independent Oracle licensing consultants Version 1 can offer an Oracle License Procurement Assistance Service that can assist you in any number of Oracle license procurement scenarios, such as;

  • In early stage discussion with the vendor –  independent advice and guidance on which Oracle products to buy at what price and for what purpose.
  • Vendor negotiation –  independent validation that a bill of materials is fit for purpose and assistance with vendor negotiations.
  • Non-compliance resolution –  purchase Oracle licenses to fix a known compliance issue that may have resulted from an Oracle license audit  and independent validation of the products, price and purpose.


The right Oracle Product at the right price and the right time

Version 1 has helped many large enterprise organisations optimise their Oracle investment.  Our depth of Oracle expertise and the value that we deliver has resulted in accumulative cost savings running into hundreds of millions of pounds for our clients. Our Oracle License Procurement Assistance Service will deliver;

  • Costing savings and cost avoidance
  • Reassurance that the right product is being bought at the right price and at the right time
  • ROI realisation from best possible pricing and commercial terms
  • Risk reduction from fit for purpose products and licensing terms
  • Enhanced vendor relationship


If you need to make an enterprise level Oracle license purchase and require independent advice and guidance, contact us at info@version1.com


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