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Software Asset Management (SAM 4D)

Complete lifecycle management for software assets, maximising investment return, minimising risk and ensuring peace of mind.
Version 1 SAM4D is the end-to-end software asset management solution that provides business leaders with the absolute assurance that their enterprise software investments are being maximized.
In today’s enterprise organisations and public sector establishments, spend on enterprise software licensing can make up a significant percentage of your annual IT budget and may run into millions. Adopting an effective software asset and license management methodology to monitor and control your growing technology estate has never been more important. A proactive software asset management methodology and process is the best way to avoid unplanned or unnecessary software spend, extract maximum value from your existing investment by license recycling and mitigate the risk of reputational damage caused by non-compliance.
Industry experts such as Gartner and FAST say that an effective Software Asset Management process can reduce your overall IT spend by 20%. Unlock these savings and more benefits with SAM4D.

Version 1 SAM4D - At a Glance

Version 1 SAM4D is an evolution of our tried and tested software asset methodology with over ten years of evolutionary development. SAM4D will give you full control of your software license estate ensuring confidence in your compliance position. Designed to be modular and progressive SAM4D exposes all the components necessary to build and execute a modern software asset management function in your business.


SAM4D - Four steps to SAM Success


Define – your goals

Whether your SAM journey is just beginning or is well advanced, our experienced consultants can help you understand the components you need for complete software asset management. We will workshop with your key stakeholders to execute a requirements analysis to help you understand the components of SAM4D that you can implement to start or improve your software asset management journey.
Design – the perfect solution
Armed with an understanding of your desires and goals for SAM4D we can cherry-pick the most appropriate components of our methodology to complement your existing technology and processes.
No existing components? We can provide you with off-the-shelf fully documented processes and procedures that encompass the best of industry expertise with our own hybrid service components to provide the complete suite of policy & procedures coupled with our own technology platform to execute a modern software asset management function in your business
Develop – customised integration
The integration phase enables us to define data exchange and acquisition touch points, perform repository configuration for your chosen publishers and document your specific SAM architecture in an easily accessible enterprise web technology.
Deliver – proactive and complete SAM service
In a constantly changing software landscape SAM is an on-going process. Our team will track both your entitlement and usage data allowing an on-going compliance position to be maintained on your behalf. With your compliance position always available, we can truly optimise your license usage and enable advanced SAM processes such as license recycling and budgeting for new project requirements. As a subscriber to the SAM4D managed service you can expect expert pro-active guidance of the software procurement lifecycle helping you avoid software non-compliance and allowing you
Key Features
  • End-to-end SAM solution
  • Pluggable architecture integrates with existing SAM components
  • Scalable to meet size and complexity of all businesses
  • Building-block methodology enables ease-of-entry
  • Service components grow with needs
  • Vendor agnostic service
  • Platform integrates with all leading market tools



  • Avoid unplanned or unnecessary software spend.
  • Maximise value from existing investments
  • Avoid non-compliance issues
  • Monitor and manage cost savings
  • Re-use software disposed with hardware
  • Improve licence agreement negotiations and overall vendor relations
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