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Version 1 Control Methodology

Without Software Asset Management (SAM) processes in place many businesses either drift into non-compliance or do not gain the value expected from their investments in technology. The oversight and control over your software licensing created by SAM delivers several significant benefits to your business:


Version 1 Control™ is the market leading Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM) service. Providing the ability for organisations to quickly right-size licensing costs and achieve compliance, the service is designed to then maintain this optimal position on an on-going basis. A recurring SAM process is the best way to avoid unplanned or unnecessary license costs, extract maximum value from your existing investments (e.g. by license recycling) and mitigate the risk of reputational or relationship damage caused by non-compliance. 

Case Study - Global Oil and Gas Company

With operations in 80 countries, control over their Oracle estate was problematic at best, with usage, procurement negotiations and implementations all being run locally the risk to the business was high. 

Version 1 undertook a large scale license baseline project in order to detail all risk and gain centralised control.

Following this, Version 1 implemented and on-going software asset management process as outsource partner for the customer’s entire Oracle technology license estate and has been delivering this service for over 8 years.


Do you ask yourself any of these questions?

  • How does our SAM process compare with best practice – does it provide sufficient control?
  • How should we manage our Oracle licenses given that we (plan to) outsource our IT operations to a partner?
  • How can we reduce the effort required to determine usage across our large Oracle estate?
  • We have multiple license agreements with Oracle that use a number of different metrics – how can we reduce the complexity of these licensing metrics and make them easier to manage?
  • Are there any compliance risks associated with the way in which we manage our Oracle license estate?
  • Are we under, or over licensed for Oracle?
  • Are our current Oracle license terms fit for purpose?
  • As Oracle is a large cost item in the IT budget we have a strong desire to reduce the cost in line with reduced usage and unused products?
  • If we are not currently compliant, what options do we have to address the situation?
  • How do we do this and minimise the financial impact?

  • We have been asked to provide usage data to Oracle for an audit – how do we know in advance if we are compliant?  


Cost Control 

Version 1’s expertise in mapping entitlements and usage enables optimal cost configurations and our experience in hundreds of negotiations also ensures you pay the right prices for precisely the licenses and support you need.


Management of Complexity

The myriad of products and license types adds to the complexity of managing Oracle. If usage and entitlement is not tracked carefully, this complexity is compounded upon making it impossible to leverage what you already own and realise return on investment.


Software Compliance

Audits can be particularly disruptive and can generate unplanned costs, create significant activities impacting the business and, in some cases, cause reputational damage.


Benefits Gained 

  • Rapidly attain an optimised cost and compliance profile for Oracle spend
  • Track and tune the value delivered by all Oracle Licenses including ULAs
  • Avoid unplanned or unnecessary license or support costs
  • Mitigate costs on an ongoing basis
  • Manage uncertainty, organisational change and audits as they arise
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