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Oracle License Support Renewal

When you buy an Oracle product, you pay support on that product annually for Oracle License Support & Maintenance.  The support fee is normally 22% of the license purchase price.  If you have spent a large amount on Oracle products over the years, then your annual support fee will be significant and will represent a large proportion of your IT Operational Expenditure.


Furthermore, if you have an Oracle license estate with a broad range of Oracle products purchased at different times of the year, migrated licenses to later products or have changed renewal dates can you say with confidence that your quoted Oracle License Support & Maintenance renewal fee is accurate? This can be further complicated if your organisation has an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement or you have products from companies which were acquired by Oracle.  How do you ensure that you are paying the right amount of money and that you know exactly what you are getting for the fee?


Expert review with Version 1’s Oracle License Support & Maintenance Assessment

Version 1 has been contacted by many enterprise organisations who have received Oracle License Support & Maintenance renewals with no clear way of being able to validate or understand the breakdown of costs. To validate your Oracle License Support & Maintenance renewals our Oracle licensing experts are able to carry out a short Diagnosis project which includes;

  • review of all appropriate Oracle ordering documents and support renewals
  • highlight any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the renewals
  • make observations and analysis on any other potential anomalies which exist in the supplied documentation
  • engage with Oracle to clear up any discrepancies to satisfactory resolution (with appropriate client authorisation)


The conclusion of this Oracle License Support & Maintenance Assessment could result in considerable on-going cost savings and reassurance that you are paying the right amount. The benefit of having a clear baseline and understanding of cost increases the potential for future cost savings within Oracle’s technical support policies including making decisions regarding support termination.


If you have just received your Oracle License Support & Maintenance renewal and are looking for validation of its accuracy, or believe it to be incorrect, fill out our contact form today and we will get in touch.  Alternatively, email us on info@version1.com.


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