We will help you achieve the full benefits that cloud has to offer

Lower cost, greater flexibility and high availability are some of the widely promoted advantages of cloud computing. For enterprise customers, it is not always easy to achieve these benefits. Version 1 offer assistance to our customers throughout their cloud journey. We help implement governance so that our customers get the most from their cloud.

Version 1 will help reduce your cloud spend.

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45% of cloud spend is wasted. *

*Right Scale: State of Cloud 2017


  • Choice of Vendor:
  • Different cloud vendors offer better value pricing for different services including IaaS, Paas, Saas and Serverless offerings. Vendor choice is one of the most important factors when developing your cloud strategy. Version 1 have experience working with multiple cloud service providers, we will help in choosing the best value provider for your business needs.

  • Licensing is complex:
  • Enterprise licensing in the cloud has different options. Bring Your Own License(BYOL) and Pay As You Go(PAYG) are two of the more popular models available. Achieving the best license deal for your organisation can be complex. The Version 1 SAM team are experts in license management and can help you optimise your spend. Learn more

  • Pricing Models:
  • Instances (cloud servers) now come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different price tags. Furthermore On-Demand, Spot and Reserved are some of the pricing models available for these servers. Cloud pricing requires expertise to understand, Version 1 will advise you on your best options.

  • Elasticity:
  • A primary advantage of the cloud is the ability to spin resources up and down as they are needed. Poor governance of these resources can result in over-utilisation and consequently over-paying. Version 1 will help you manage and optimise your cloud resources.

Version 1 will harden your cloud security.

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1 in 4 cloud users cite security as a concern.*

*Right Scale: State of Cloud 2017


  • Shared Responsibility:
  • Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Cloud vendors agree to protect the infrastructure or platform they provide, while users must take measures to protect their applications and data. Version 1 will ensure that your security responsibilities are fulfilled, and your business is secure.

  • Data Protection:
  • As data is stored in third-party data centres, users do not have physical access to the servers hosting their information. As a result stringent data classification and encryption management is required in the cloud. Version 1 will ensure your data is safe and compliant with both internal and external standards.

  • Monitoring:
  • Monitoring and logging are essential practices in the cloud to track access and usage. Cloud infrastructure can be globally distributed, it is also elastic by nature. These are performance advantages of cloud that can make security a challenge. Version 1 offer proactive and dynamic monitoring of your cloud resources. Learn more

  • Access Control:
  • Cloud environments are accessible at anytime from anywhere and require strict security practices to govern control. Access management is required for both users and IT resources that access your cloud environment. Version 1 will establish and maintain an access management strategy for your cloud.

Version 1 will give you confidence in your compliance.

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Both regulatory and contractual compliance are difficult to manage in the cloud.


  • Data Management:
  • Where is your data stored? Who has access to your data? These are important questions to ask in cloud. Stringent data classification and encryption management is required, particularly for regulatory compliance such as PCI. Version 1 will ensure your data is safe and compliant.

  • Licensing is complex:
  • Enterprise licensing in the cloud has raised new questions, some of which are yet to be properly answered. Traditional license models are not suited to PaaS and Serverless computing. The Version SAM team are best placed to advise you on all cloud licensing concerns. Learn more

  • Cloud Strategy:
  • What is the cloud strategy for your business? Do you plan to operate a hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure? If so, you need to consider compliance in terms of data storage, access, movement and also your contractual agreements. Version 1 can help.

  • Complexity of Architecture:
  • Enterprise architectures in the cloud are complex and often integrate a number of different systems. Infrastructures can now easily benefit from a global distribution. How do you manage and control your compliance position in these scenarios?

Version 1 will get you to the cloud faster.

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Decrease your time to market in the cloud.


  • Why are you moving to the cloud?
  • What is the business goal for cloud migration? Is it for cost-saving? Closing data-centre? Compliance? Global expansion? Disaster Recovery? Version 1 will help you answer these questions and understand the business case for cloud.

  • How will you adopt cloud?
  • Are you looking at single, multi or hybrid-cloud approaches? Will it be a phase, one-shot, parallel or pilot strategy? Version 1 will help you answer these questions and develop a cloud strategy.

  • What will you move to the cloud first?
  • Existing workloads, new applications, development environments, backups or archives? Version 1 will assess your existing environment and deliver a cloud readiness assessment of your workloads.

  • When will you be in the cloud?
  • Version 1 can accelerate your adoption of, or migration to, a public cloud. In the planning stage we can provide time-lines of migration based on the cloud readiness assessments we carry out on your workloads. We help your orgainsation plan for cloud adoption.

Version 1 will help control your cloud.

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Increased cloud governance is the #2 objective for enterprises.*

*Right Scale: State of Cloud 2017


A switch to cloud computing offers a number of benefits for enterprise customers. The key to fully achieving these benefits is governance.

  • Cloud Knowledge:
  • While each of the cloud vendors provide tools and services to manage your cloud account, they are complex. Version 1 are experts in three different cloud platforms. We know how to best use the tools they provide to maintain control of your cloud environment.

  • Third-Party tools:
  • Due to the complexity of cloud infrastructures, many cloud vendors recommended the use of third party tools to manage your cloud. The effective use of new technologies requires upskilling and management. Version 1 have invested in training our consultants on a number of cloud management tools so our customers don't have to.

  • Hybrid and Multi Cloud:
  • Version 1 develop cloud management solutions that are vendor agnostic. As a result we provide our customers with the ability to provision and manage resources across multiple clouds or between cloud and on premise infrastructure. We give an overview of multi and hybrid cloud environments which includes operations, cost, risk and security.

  • Optimisation:
  • Cloud computing is dynamic by nature. Effective governance requires continuous improvement. Version 1 provide optimisation services so that our customers can stay on top of security, compliance, cost and performance in the cloud.