We offer the full range of cloud services for enterprise applications

Version 1 has experience of working with customers at all stages of their cloud journey to enable them to maximise business outcomes through cloud. We provide independent expertise as to how customers can gain the best value from cloud and software providers.

We work with customers to identify business objectives and key performance indicators to ensure that these can be tracked in the cloud. This includes how to consider new services, how to forecast cloud usage and how to measure cloud consumption.

Our Cycle of Services

V1 Cloud Services- Strategy, Design, Transition, Operate, Improve


Cloud Strategy

Strategy Services

Understand cloud adoption for your business.

Cloud Strategy

Version 1 provide effective cloud service evaluation and help define a clear strategy and objectives. This helps our customers to understand the potential implications of cloud.

Maturity Assessment

Assessment of organisational readiness for cloud using industry standard framework, followed by building plans and road maps to achieve target maturity levels.

Organisational Impact

A review of existing teams, processes and technologies in use and analysis of the effects of cloud adoption on them and on the business overall.

Value & Cost Advisory

Ensuring cloud delivers target value within budget. We implement effective cost controls and metrics from the outset of any project.

Cloud Design

Design Services

Architect your journey.

Reference Architecture

The Version 1 cloud reference architecture is a cross-platform framework that has been designed according to cloud infrastructure best practices. Our reference architecture is used as a template to provide our customers with infrastructures that are optimised for performance, cost, security and compliance.

Workload Assessment

Version 1 provides workloads assessments for customers looking to migrate existing environments to the cloud. The results of this assessment will highlight workloads that are ready for the cloud, those that need some modification and those that will need a complete redesign.

Application/ Enterprise Architecture

Version 1 ensure that our team stay on top of the latest developments from our cloud partners. We ensure that the architectures we design for our customers leverage the most suitable tools and services available. We will recommend the best approach and services for your business' outcomes.

Automation Design

Version 1 drives the automation of cloud integrations and deployments. Automation reduces human error and cost while boosting performance and security. We design custom automated processes for our customers.

License Optimisation

The cloud has changed how vendors are managing their licenses. The Version 1 SAM team are experts in licensing, their consultancy services have saved our customers millions in licensing costs. Learn more


Cloud Build

Transition Services

Build your cloud.


Version 1 technical consultants build cloud services for customers using best practice tried and trusted methodologies, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and hybrid strategies. Our build services include deployment and configuration of applications and workloads.


In most enterprise scenarios, at least some systems will remain on premise for at least a transitional period. Version 1 are experienced in designing and deploying application interfaces between cloud services and on premises systems, leveraging cloud native integration platforms and supporting multi-cloud architectures.


Version 1 provide migration of workloads between on premises and cloud environments. Our services include full or partial datacentre migrations, with data and application migrations to full cloud or hybrid targets.

Transition Support

A migration to the cloud requires expertise and perhaps a new way of thinking about your enterprise IT environment. Version 1 ensure effective management of the transition to cloud, providing governance and best practice advisory services as well as project and programme management.


Cloud Operate

Operate Services

Run your business in the cloud.

Next Gen Managed Services

Version 1 have been providing managed services to enterprise customers since 2000. We now manage cloud environments for over 50 customers. Our managed services team cover all aspects of our customer environment including infrastructure, networking, application and database support. For our cloud customers we offer a next-gen managed service to maximise business value achieved from the cloud.

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Managed Security

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. The cloud vendor ensures the security of what they manage, Version 1 will ensure the security of what we manage on your behalf. Proactive monitoring, logging and analysis are just some of the security services we offer in the cloud.

License Management

Software Licensing is more complex in the cloud as vendor definitions, terms and conditions are becoming increasingly ambiguous. Our SAM team are experts in software licensing and always stay on top of the latest updates from software vendors. Version 1 license management offers our expertise to reduce your costs and improve your compliance.

Cost Management

Cost is frequently promoted as a driving force to the cloud. Effective cost control in the cloud, however, is complex. Different cloud strategies, pricing models, instance types and sizes are some of the factors which require expertise.

Ongoing Compliance

Compliance standards can be determined from within your company, by a software vendor, or by an international standard (e.g. PCI, HIPPA). No matter what your standard is, effective compliance requires an comprehensive understanding of the processes and technologies in use. This can be a challenge at enterprise-scale. Version 1 offers ongoing compliance services to take the stress out of compliance for you.


Cloud Optimisation

Improve Services

Optimise your cloud.

Cost Optimisation

With the shift to OpEx over CapEx, cloud cost control demands cost optimisation as a continuous and active process. Version 1 leverage third-party tools to provide recommendations to our customers for optimising their cloud costs.

Compliance Review

In compliance, it is essential to have periodic reviews to ensure compliance of process and technologies, to ensure that ever-changing cloud environments do not diverge from the latest compliance requirements. Version 1 provide regular reviews with all of our managed service customers.

Well Architected Review

Periodic architecture reviews ensure that environments deliver the business and technical benefits to customers that they expect from the cloud. The Version 1 WAR focuses on security, reliability, performance, cost and operations.

Centre of Excellence

Team skills in cloud are often hard to build and retain across the wider enterprise IT organisation. A Cloud Centre of Excellence is one model that helps to build competency, define Reference Architectures, operating practice, support project teams and spread Cloud skills across the enterprise. Version 1 helps customers to build from Cloud Incubators through to full Centres of Excellence ensuring a safe path to Cloud maturity.