Cloud-first business solutions.

Version 1 assist our customers with their entire cloud journey. In addition to migrating existing applications to the cloud, we also design, develop and deploy bespoke cloud first solutions for enterprise organisations.

The right cloud strategy for you

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid deployment is a way to connect infrastructure and applications between cloud-based resources and existing resources that are not located in the cloud. The most common method of hybrid deployment is between the cloud and existing on-premises infrastructure to extend, and grow, an organisation's infrastructure into the cloud while connecting cloud resources to internal systems.


One Cloud

One Cloud

A cloud based application is fully deployed in the cloud and all parts of the application run in the cloud. Version 1 can develop an application for your business in the cloud or migrate an existing one to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.


Multi Cloud

Multi Cloud

Vendor lock in is a concern that we hear from our customers, they don't want the vulnerability of being over-dependent on a single vendor. Version 1 have developed multi-cloud infrastructures for customers where we have deployed part of an application in one public cloud and the rest in another.



Cloud application solutions.

Big Data

Big Data

Version 1 have a team of Business Intelligence and Analytics experts. We can design, develop and manage any big data application including data warehousing, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, recommendation engines, event-driven ETL, serverless computing, and internet-of-things processing.



Version 1 have a dedicated ERP practice with experts in implementation, optimisation and licensing of enterprise applications.. We know Oracle E-Business Suite and we know JDEdwards. If you want to move your Enterprise Resource Planning to the cloud, then talk to us today.


App Migration

Improve performance, reliabilty, security and cost of your existing application by migrating to the cloud. Version 1 can lift and shift your current environment, or rearchitect for cloud.

Oracle to Cloud


Version 1 are experts in both Oracle and the cloud. We have found licensed estates to be a blocker in our customers cloud strategies. Let us help you move your Oracle workloads to the cloud.

Multi Cloud Apps

Financial Services

Version 1 are experienced and reliable. Our ISO certifications confirm this. For this reason we have been a trusted partner in both the financial and public sectors for over 20 years. Our cloud team can make a real difference to your business.

Hybrid Cloud Apps


Version 1 began in 1996 managing Oracle databases. Since then we have developed our capabilities to become experts in all major database technologies. We have dedicated teams that are ready to develop, manage and optimise your application databases for the cloud.

Cloud-first approach.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Version 1 provide effective cloud service evaluation and help define a clear strategy and objectives. This helps our customers to understand the potential implications of cloud. Our strategy services include maturity assessment, organisational impact and value advisory.

Cloud Best Practices

Cloud Best Practices

Version 1 have developed our reference architecture and cloud managed services to adhere to best practices as recommended by cloud vendors. The result for our customers are cloud environments that take advantage of the benefits that cloud has to offer.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Version 1 managed services understand the cloud and the security responsibilities that we have. Our security as a service gives our customers peace of mind over their cloud estates. We have a focus on proactive monitoring, logging and analysis.

Cloud Latest Tools

Latest tools and services

The cloud industry is ephemeral. Cloud providers are now releasing services and updates daily- AWS alone had over 700 releases in 2016. Version 1 cloud consultants stay on top of these releases so that our customers get to avail of the latest and best technologies for their business.

Cloud Automation


Version 1 drives the automation of cloud integrations and deployments. Automation reduces human error and cost while boosting performance and security. We design custom automated processes for our customers.

Cloud Support

Cloud Support

Version 1 operates a 24/7 Service Desk that proactively monitors our customers' cloud environments. We support automated ticketing that can escalate round the clock to ensure our customers' businesses are never disrupted.

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