Achieving cost reduction and control over your software estate is complex.

Adopting the correct approach and methodology will help you realise value for money and reduce risk of non-compliance.

From Version 1’s experience, we would consider the following questions as typical cost control issues when trying to manage a large Oracle estate.

  • How should we manage our Oracle licenses given that we (plan to) outsource our IT operations to our outsource partner?

We can assess the impact of outsourcing on your obligations under your Oracle license agreements and identify opportunities and risks relating to the management of your Oracle estate.

  • How does our Oracle SAM process compare with best practice? Does it provide sufficient control?

We can provide an assessment against our Capability Maturity Model which will give you a view of how your current practices measure up to best practice. We can also provide advise on how to make improvements where required.

  • Are our current Oracle license terms fit for purpose?

We can assess whether your Oracle agreements are able to support changing business needs e.g. mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, internationalisation, outsourcing, etc.

  • If we have changed the way in which we use Oracle E-Business Suite, is this covered by our existing software licenses?

We can assess your current use of Oracle E-Business Suite against a set of pre-defined metrics to determine your current product use.

  • How can we reduce the effort required to determine usage across our large Oracle estate?

Auto-discovery tools automate the majority of the data collection process reducing both the time and effort required to determine usage on large Oracle estates. This approach has the additional benefit over a manual approach of repeatability, completeness and data consistency.

  • We are nearing the end of our ULA. What information do we need to provide to Oracle in order to determine the on-going license?

Our Discovery service can be used to determine current usage for the products within the scope of your ULA. This can then be used as the basis for your declaration to Oracle.

  • We are not willing to provide Oracle with access to our systems for an audit. How can we meet their request without having to grant them access?

As an Oracle partner we are able to act as an intermediary and help you to prepare usage information against an agreed set of metrics.

  • We have multiple license agreements with Oracle that use a number of different metrics. How can we reduce the complexity of these license metrics and make them easier to manage?

We can help you negotiate with Oracle to migrate to a simpler license model using fewer metrics.

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Managed Services

Version 1 SAM Managed Services have evolved from our tried and tested software asset methodology with over sixteen years of evolutionary development. SAM4D will give the customer full control of their software license estate ensuring confidence in their compliance position.

Designed to be modular and progressive our managed services exposes all the components necessary to build and execute a modern software asset management function in the customer’s business. We have four distinct phases, each phase covers an important evolution in the customer’s implementation of a SAM function. Customer can enter our managed services at any stage based upon their current SAM implementation.


  • Your Goals:

    To begin we must establish your end-goals for a SAM function. Through workshops and stakeholders meetings we conduct a requirement analysis. This helps both you and us to understand the components needed for complete SAM.

    Each customer has a unique combination of software products from different publishers. In addition there are varied skillsets, technology platforms and overall SAM experience. As a result the Define stage is the most important. We need to define YOUR needs/desires.


  • The Perfect Solution:

    Once we understand your desires and goals we choose the most appropriate components of our methodology to complement your existing technology and practices. Based upon the outcome of the define stage, we will design a bespoke set of components for you.

    No existing components? We can provide you with off-the-shelf fully documented processes and procedures that encompass the best of industry expertise with our own hybrid service components to provide the complete suite of policy and procedures coupled with our own technology platform to execute a modern software asset management function in your business


  • Customised Integration:

    The integration phase enables us to define data exchange and acquisition touch points, perform repository configuration for your chosen publishers and document your specific SAM architecture in an easily accessible enterprise web technology.


  • Proactive and Complete SAM service:

    In a constantly changing software landscape SAM is an on-going process. Our team will track both your entitlement and usage data allowing an on-going compliance position to be maintained on your behalf. With your compliance position always available, we can truly optimise your license usage and enable advanced SAM processes such as license recycling and budgeting for new project requirements.



  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Volume Discounts
  • Better Vendor Relationships
  • Our optimisation expertise helps to deliver financial risk reduction of over 82% on average during audit scenarios.

  • Major UK Transport Company

    When engaged they were facing a bill of £17m, through our help this amount became £100k 

  • During a typical review, we find non-compliance risks of over £5.8 million.

Our Expert Team

The Version 1 SAM and License Management team are experts in what they do. By choosing Version 1, our customers get to avail of 100 man years experience to develop a SAM function catered for their exact business needs. 

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Why Version 1?

We enable clients to make better, more informed decisions on their software estate. Think of us as tax advice - we help you to understand the options and make the right decision for you, not the software vendor. Our priority is to give the best advice, not just to secure revenue.

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